Dedicated Survey Cameras

Marlyn’s cameras are modular, meaning they’re swappable in minutes. A variety of RGB and specialty cameras are available to suit your project requirements.


How does Marlyn help you fly more?

Referencing localized weather data, Marlyn’s Wind Benefit Calculator shows you how many more days in a year Marlyn can operate compared to competing products**


At Atmos, we believe in constantly pushing to disrupt the status quo. Therefore the features of Marlyn are at the forefront of technology, such as VTOL, innovative software features, high wind resistance, and advanced sensor fusion.

Surveyors deserve better than 30km/h wind limits.

That’s why with Marlyn you can take off, survey, and land comfortably in winds of up to 45km/h (28mph), more than any other survey drone.

Operate from Any 2x2m Area

Take off like a Helicopter and Fly like an Airplane. With Marlyn, you can operate from anywhere and cover up to 150Ha (370 Acres) per flight. No more finding large clear areas for belly landing!

Engineered and manufactured in Europe

To ensure high-end quality and ethical trade standards, we believe in keeping things local. That’s why all of our Marlyns are designed, created, and assembled right here in the Netherlands.